Successful Ladies' Night at Stadshotellet

Caroline Waters konsert anmälan i Säffletidningen: Bjöd på Jazz av hög klass - En Jazzkväll att minnas.


ÅMÅL: Internationally renowned singer Caroline Waters delivered deeply moving music, which turned out to be very popular among those who had come to listen:

By Niklas Lindstrand, Provinstidningen

Waters came early to the limelight as the daughter of the famous Norwegian singer and actor Per Asplin. And how it felt to be a child star is a subject she touched upon in the course of the evening.

One was somewhat exposed as a child star. One wanted to do as one was told by the grown-ups. This is something many women have been taught to do, said Waters and connected her sharing to the current metoo-campaign...

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"The beauty of texture and phrase displayed by Caroline is a vocal phenomenon. In the array of musical talents, like a new word, Caroline Waters is like a fresh seed planted on the ground of the discussion."

"I can without a doubt say that Caroline Waters has one of the greatest vocal potentials I have ever heard coming out of Europe. She is a real contemporary artist, far superior to the stars out there today."

"I was immediately impressed with the sound of her voice - the interpretation of song and her extraordinary gift of vocal ability and musicianship. She is an exceptional artist who will be a true musical gift and contribution to the arts of our country."

"I would place her in the foremost rank among the singers of the world with a voice and talent comparable to those of pop stars Mariah Carey and Celine Dion, and classical performer Maria Calas. Her performing versatility is truly amazing."

"Caroline has an incredible talent for music, not only as a songwriter and lyricist, but she also shows a wonderful aptitude for pure composition - such as film scoring. Her unique sound and a special talents is a most welcome addition to the musical culture of the United States."