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Venus Envy

Catalogue No. CIACD1304
Record Label: Redhead Records

1.  I Am Venus  

"This song magically created itself the very moment I realized I had to get off my co-dependent pity-pot and reclaim the power of my Goddess self."

2.  And I Pretend  

"You know the feeling when you miss someone so much that it's almost like they're there with you? This was written around the time my mom passed away, signifying a deep longing for home."

3.  Please Don't Run Away  

"Writing this song helped me heal from the inside out when I was desperately trying to keep a friendship from breaking apart."

4.  Back On The Inside  

"This came as a gift from the mystery of my sexuality, powered by the air that I finally began to allow myself to inhale more fully."

5.  Beautiful Little Girl  

"I wrote this for my mom after realizing some of the things she had to go through, growing up in a country under siege."

6.  Deep Blue Sea  

"Deep Blue Sea takes me into the mystery that summons my passions, hauntingly demonstrates the diametric forces within my soul and gently brings me home to love."

7.  Oh Caroline  

"You know those demons that only grow bigger the longer we keep them in the closet? Well, that's another nutshell for you:)"

8.  How Can I Love You  

"This is a pure, unadulterated love song for the addict I fell in love with, who I thought I could save, but of course couldn’t."

9.  Afraid To Believe  

"I wrote this song in my little aqua blue studio in Oslo as I was imagining my missing friend magically appearing."

10. You Know What I Mean  

"This little ditty makes most people laugh when it gets to the 'when I died yesterday in a long conversation' part."

11. Little Angel  

"The very moment I wrote this song, I realized my ability to nurture myself and found true love as a result."

12. Perfect  

"I was thrilled when Ann Hampton Callaway personally gave me permission to record this most beautiful of all love songs. "

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Venus Envy received rave reviews in NoHoLA, Rock City News, Studio City Sun, LA Splash Magazine and Norway Times, hit the top of the charts in Serbia-Herzegovina with Oh Caroline, and was headhunted by Universal for a collaborative album project with Natalie Cole and Dianna Krall entitled Rendezvous On The Jazz Boulevard.

Venus Envy is co-produced with Katisse Buckingham and Greg Matheson and features a band of thirty world class musicians, including Abe Laboriel on bass and Michael Landau on guitars.